What Do I Do Now?

A lot of people ask themselves this question at one time or another. I’m asking myself this because I’m new to blogging and am not sure what I’m doing! However, as a psychotherapist (and a usually tech-savvy person) it’s time I started my own website… and this is the initial result.

So the question – What do I do now? – is one I’m familiar with. I asked it when I turned 40… and 45… and 50. I ask it whenever I am (or have been) faced with drastic changes in my life – losing a job, a loved one, moving into my own home, venturing out on my own in many different ways.

It’s never easy when we’re faced with new challenges, when it seems doors are closing, chapters ending. Over the years, however, I’ve started to see them as opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth. In fact, in recent years I’ve begun to recognize the turmoil and re-name it as “an emotional growth spurt” – much like the physical torture our bodies experienced during early adolescence!

Re-visioning is that same sort of re-naming of our pain, our difficulty. If we can see obstacles instead as opportunities, we can begin to see a different way of dealing with them. Perhaps we can discover new dimensions within ourselves and explore a variety of ways to heal and grow.

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